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we work with our farmers and producers to bring you

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open in kensington, London w8




Fermentation class

zero waste fermentation classes on weekly basis. bringing circular zero watse thinking to making ferments because after all thats what they were traditionally used for - making produce last longer so you dont have to throw it away

Zero Waste Kimchi class with Eco chef

Fermentation workshop: Guests will arrive to a beautiful airy space in a historic Mews by Hyde Park. They will be welcome with an introduction to zero waste principals, the circular economy and how to use these in fermentation. Each guest will have a table with all the preparation for making kimchi. Plus another table of veg which the can choose a special ingredient from. The class will begin and they will learn the basics of fermentation and how to ferment vegetables in 1 way with guidance on different techniques. Each guest will take away 2 custom made jars of Kimchi


Vegan / veggie pie making classes

launching in aug 2019 we will be running a hero class on supreme veggie / vegan pies championing big flavours and utilising local organic and sustainable produce.

Moroccan Sweet Potato Apricot and Spinach with Buckwheat Crust

Moroccan Sweet Potato Apricot and Spinach with Buckwheat Crust